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In order to browse effectively on our website and to guarantee you a fully safe and fast use of our services, our website employs both “technical” and “profiling” cookies. The first ones guarantee the regular browse and use of the site, while the second ones are dedicated to profiling, which allows pinpointing your preferences. Besides, such cookies differentiate themselves depending on whether they were installed by the “website manager”, Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl based in Via Francesco Danza 20, 00197 Roma (RM), or by a third part. 

Bel Poggio Tennis Club does not collect data from the fields you possibly filled out during a session or any other personal information, but just technical or operational ones. The activation of these scripts is subject to the cookie policy acceptance, since they are comparable in terms of data type collected and modes of operation. In addition to the Privacy Policy given by the owner (read the complete Privacy Policy here) the following report lists all the cookies used on this website. 


This website or product is allowed to use four different types of cookies:

Essential technical cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website’s or product’s correct functioning, such as technical cookies to access the website or to ensure the communication between its constituting parts and services. 

Essential technical cookies for statistics and performance analysis

These cookies allow us to know how visitors use the website, in order to evaluate and improve its operation and favor the production of contents that better meet our users’ informational needs. All the information collected through these cookies are anonymous and are not connected to the users’ personal information. 

Functional cookies and third-part profiling

This category includes both cookies installed by parties that are partners with the Manager and third parties, which are not partners. For this reason, the use of the data collected by these external operators through these cookies is subject to the corresponding Privacy policies. These cookies, typically profiling ones, can not be directly controlled by Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl, which therefore can not guarantee what will be the use of the collected data by these third parties. The opposition to the use of the above-mentioned cookies is then transferred to external instruments or your direct action on the browser’s settings. For more details, read the COOKIE POLICY section. 

Third-party cookies:


In case of doubts or worries about the use of cookies, it is possible to intervene on their setting and prevent their reading, for example by changing the privacy setting on the browser to block certain types. For an overview of the most common browsers, see: 


By surfing the website, the user accepts the Cookie Policy chosen by the Manager and the website will start setting and collecting the cookies. To claim the refusal of the Manager’s Cookie Policy it is sufficient to stop surfing the website. Cookies that were potentially already registered in the user’s browser will still be registered there but will not be read or used until a later possible acceptance of the cookie policy. The user will in any case always have the opportunity to remove those cookies at any time through the procedures cited in the “Cookie Policy” paragraph or at for the ones who are not controlled by Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl. 


Cookies controlled by Bel Poggio Club Srl have a 365 days maximum duration, except for users’ voluntary renewals due to a reiteration of acceptance. Profiling cookies managed by Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl are anonymous and remain inside statistics systems and profiling platforms for statistical purposes only even though not connected to the browser anymore. 

The duration of cookies managed by third parties are indicated in the corresponding Cookie Policy section. 


You can exercise your right to refuse the use of cookies in its entirely by leaving this website and, by doing so, also refusing the use of the essential technical cookies necessary to the website’s functioning. Third parties’ cookies, not managed by Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl, can be disabled by following the indications on    

Bel Poggio Tennis Club Srl has identified and appointed, in accordance with article 37 of the GDPR, a Data Protection Officer. Whenever you want more information, explanation or you want to exert your rights, please send a request to the processing manager, using the following address: . Moreover, the user has always the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer (see “Privacy officer” section).

Privacy Policy update: July 23, 2018. 

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