Rome Tennis Academy -

Competitive Level

The aim of the competitive level section is to make boys and girls independent and aware of their features and potential in order to make their path, whatever it might be, clear and confident: the attention to attitude, inside the court and out of the court, following Matteo Berrettini’s example. A well-known “fixation” of Stefano Cobolli and Vincenzo Santopadre is the right behavior during both training sessions and matches. 

The competitive level program includes five days of training (and the opportunity to be on the court on Saturday mornings), to be held in the afternoon, with physical training and tennis sessions. The groups will be divided in two shifts: some of the players will do athletics from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm and then move to the court. The other group will perform the training session in reverse order. 

A team of coaches is dedicated exclusively to the competitive level of Rome Tennis Academy and follows the players to tournaments, in Lazio and everywhere in Italy. 

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